To champion the cause of true artists who are committed to their art, body & soul.

To create a platform for these undiscovered, talented Asian artists, some of whom have toiled for many years perfecting and honing their skills and techniques with little exposure.
So far.

To support those artists who embrace the rich Indian culture and heritage and bring it out in their works through various media including paint, sculpture and multimedia.

To explore the edges of digital art and find connections between this emerging media and Indian artists.

To bring more Indian artists to the international scene, where they very much deserve to be.
We see so much talent within the young scene and most of it will never have an International exposure - we aim to change that.

To create a proposition for our clients that offers an excellent investment opportunity with great growth potential as well as being visually stimulating and desirable.

To have completely transparent relationships with our artists, collectors and clients and only deal with truly original works.

To donate a percentage of our annual profits to charities aiding poverty struck regions in Asia.

about us

Yusuf Contemporary is based within the fci showroom on the Edgware Road in London.

We usually hold 10 individual exhibitions per anum and are involved with paintings, sculpture, multimedia and installations.

We predominantly show works by Asian and particularly Indian artists.

We also facilitate sales for private clients and collectors who wish to sell works that they own.

At any given time, we usually display 40 works in the gallery and have access to many more, which are viewable online.

Yusuf Contemporary was founded as a result of a chance meeting between Khozema Patanwala & Firdaus Nagree.

Both lovers of art..

One the art dealer, the other the marketer.

Khozema has been fascinated by Indian art for more than 20 years and was responsible for setting up the Shades & Wood art gallery in Kensington, London.

Firdaus has a varied background including strategic business consultancy, furniture retail, property development, banqueting, new media digital marketing and product distribution.